wall art by east grinstead baby photographer

Why Wall Art by East Grinstead baby photographer

Why wall art? It’s a question I get asked a lot. As we fast approach 2020, a digital world, often people want digital images and favour them over wall art options.

I get it, I do. I also love a digital image. I love to share my images on the likes of Facebook and I adore seeing my memories that pop up year after year to remind me how adorable my children were when they were babies and memories of fantastic trips and days out. And because of this I absolutely do believe there is a big place for digitals in our lives, and rightly so.

But what happens when digital images fail. There is so many ways to loose digital images. Most of which are well out of your control. Perhaps you have them all on your phone…..and then you loose it. Or you have them stored on your PC which gets attacked by a virus. Or you’ve an external hard drive which becomes corrupt. Any moment any one of these things can happen and if you’re not prepared and backed up, that’s your images gone……..forever.

In the past, the most common method for getting images was “on disk”. But now, most computers don’t even have a CD drive. The same will eventually be true of the USB.

Have you ever come across a box of old prints belonging to a family member or loved one? How great is that feeling of this image in your hand that shows your mum and dad on their wedding day. Or maybe the first time they held you? Or your great grandparents that you never knew. If you have you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. You just don’t get that with a digital image.

wall art by east Sussex baby photographer

Big, proud, beautiful

There is one things better than a print though. It’s seeing the faces of your beautiful children every time you walk in the room. It’s seeing their faces as they see themselves. It actually helps to build their confidence too. Knowing how loved they are that a picture of them was made into a stunning piece of wall art and gives so much joy to all who see it. Everyone who comes into their home comments on it, again building confidence further. One day that beautiful wall art will become theirs. It’ll be their legacy, and eventually, their children will be in awe of that same piece of wall art that shows their parent, grandparent.

But there is a huge choice of wall art out there. So which do you go for? Wall Art by East Grinstead baby photographer, Cosy Toes Photography is made easy. I’ve sourced the best quality pieces to ensure that the wall art purchased from me is exactly that, ART. When it comes to wall art, quality should always be priority. To ensure that it lasts the test of time, with correct colours, not fading, not spoiling, so that you can one day pass it to your children and they can enjoy many years from it too.

Aside from quality, the other great reason to buy from your photographer is that they will help you choose the perfect piece. They will offer advice on frame vs frameless. The frame colour that will suit the image and which piece will best be suited for the wall where it’ll be hung. Will you have a large source of sunlight in that spot? Will reflection be an issue? I’m here to advise you and design every step.

There is one final reason to purchase wall art from you photographer. And I’m going to be realistic with you here……. If you don’t purchase your wall art supplied ready to hang, you may well not get around to hanging it. And I’m ashamed to admit that I speak from experience! I purchased some beautiful fine art prints from my own newborn’s session from an amazing photographer. I adore them. But, but son is now 4 and they’ve still not made it on my wall! Can you believe that! It upsets me every time I think of them, sitting wasting in my cupboard. They aren’t standard sized prints so I need to find frames to fit them. I’m a photographer with access to a huge amount of frames. The task isn’t a hard one by any means, but life is busy and time flies. I promise myself next week, next month. I feel like I fail him every time that deadline passes.

So take my advice. Display your images!

Art isn’t limited to the wall either. If you want to display all your images, high quality books are also available. Thick pages that lay flat displaying seamless images across the full width of the pages.

wall art by West Sussex newborn photographer

Fellow Newborn Photographer Essex, Jay Saunders Photography agrees how important it is to display your images.

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