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Baby's First Year Photography Package

Your baby’s first year is quite possibly the most special one of all. The changes they will go through in that first year will be more than any subsequent year. Fact.

No other year will bring so many major milestones; the first smile, rolling over, sitting unaided, crawling, first words, sleeping thought the nights (fingers crossed). Possibly even first steps. And that just to name a few.

It’s not just milestones. They physically change dramatically. By the age of one your tiny curled up newborn will look completely different to the day they entered your world.

The Watch me Grow photography package encompasses 3 portrait sessions within your baby’s first year being the prefect way to document their changes with images you’ll treasure a for lifetime.

Baby's first year photo package Crawley

The Newborn Portrait Session

The first session takes place when your baby is between 5 – 21 days. This is the session that will enable to you to remember those tiny perfect details, from the milia spots on their nose, to their little pouty lips. How they were so small that they once fit so easily curled in your your hands.

The Sitter Portrait Session

The second session follows the enormous milestone of being able to sit unaided. This is a difficult task to perfect and so the time scale for this session does very from baby to baby from between roughly 6-9 months old. The tip to this session is scheduling it when your little one has mastered their new skill long enough to not topple over when their attention is drawn to the camera. But if possible getting in before they’ve mastered the next manoeuvre – crawling. Not that a sitter session can’t  go ahead if they have already discovered how to move. But it’s nice to capture that milestone at their next session.

The First Birthday Portrait Session

The Final Session of the year ends with the big finale – the First birthday! Trust me this one will come around in a blink of an eye. The first birthday session can either be a portrait session, or a Cake Smash. What ever your preference it’s a really fun session which captures this amazing little personality that will have blossomed

Baby's first year photo package Horley
Baby's first year photography package East Grinstead

The first year package also includes a beautiful wooden hanging trio of images (one from each session) at the end of the first year. Bookings for the package are taken any time after your 12 week scan. if you’d like to book in your little one to capture these remarkable memories, please contact me today.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Emma from Capture the Light Photography is a very talented fellow newborn photographer in Olny, Northampton. She’s written a great blog this week, so if you’d like to read more head on over to her article.


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