10 Baby Names set to be popular in  2020

Your baby is on the way! One of the hardest and most important decisions you need to make is what name to give your baby. It’s a hugely individual decision, but it’s good to know what’s popular. Why? If you enjoy following trends, you can be sure your choice is a good one.  If you’d prefer something a little more unusual, they’re the ones to avoid. 

Baby brand Bounty have analysed over 300,000 baby names to establish their popularity across the UK. We’ve done the hard work and deep dived into the data for you – here you’ll find some steady-staples in Cosy Toes Photography’s local counties, along with names that are on a sharp upwards trend UK-wide. These 10 names are set to be popular in 2020.

The Girls


Origin: Latin. Meaning: Olive.

Popular Olivia has featured in the UK’s top 10 baby names for over ten years. The top girls name in West Sussex and Surrey last year, it took silver in East Sussex and secured bronze in Kent. A steady non-mover in the national charts, it’s set to continue on its winning streak throughout 2020.


Origin: Scottish. Meaning: Island

Isla, pronounced Ih-Lah, is the second most popular name in the Garden of England. It’s popular in East Sussex too, taking third place there, and sits in spot seven in West Sussex.  Isla originated in Scotland as a derivation or Islay, the name of a Scottish Island. It’s popularity isn’t just restricted to the South East though, it was the third most used name in the UK in 2019.


Origin: English.  Meaning: Taken from the name of the Willow Tree.

Though Willow didn’t feature in the top 10 in any of our local counties in 2019, it’s seen a steady rise in the UK chart. Gaining seven places to rest in position 18, this cute name is thought to continue its ascent in 2020. Thanks to increased interest in the environment, Willow is following the current upwards trend in names with an eco-feel.


Origin: German.  Meaning: First-born female.

The highest climbing girls name in the national polls was Ada, presumably thanks to popular cult show Peaky Blinders. Ada is expected to continue its climb, which saw it rise an incredible 61 places to secure position 73 last year.


Origin: Greek. Meaning: Weaver.

Once considered a name reserved for the upper-classes, Penelope has been gradually increasing in general popularity in recent years. Thought to have been revitalised by Kourtney Kardashian  choosing the name for her young daughter, it sits comfortably  in place 60.

The Boys

Newborn baby boy Ethan curled up asleep at his newborn photoshoot East Grinstead


Origin: Greek. Meaning: Farmer or Earthworker.

Traditional name George is prominent in West Sussex, being the top boys name in 2019. It’s liked in Kent and Surrey too, coming in at third. It’s one the most consistent choices in the UK over recent years too. Placing sixth in 2015, fourth in 2018 and fifth in 2019, George is here to stay.


Origin: Germanic. Meaning: Elf Warrior

Similar to its female variation Olivia, this name is consistently strong in its demand. Number one in Kent and Surrey and third in West Sussex, it’s certainly secured its place in playgrounds for years to come. Though the name doesn’t quite reach the top ten in East Sussex, it happily won the UK’s name battle, and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


Origin: German. Meaning: Truly brave.

You know where we’re going with this, right? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their son, Archie, in 2019 and the name is as popular as ever. Sitting at number 13 in the national grid last year, the Royal connection is thought to have secured its ongoing high placing in the acclaimed list.


Origin: English. Meaning: From the oak.

Sturdy-sounding name Oakley broke into the top 100 for the first time in 2019, moving up 18 places to position 99. The masculine name has also peaked in popularity in the US in recent years, first featuring their statistics in 1913. Part of the nature-name trend, Oakley is definitely one to watch.


Origin: Aramaic. Meaning: Twin.

Diminutive of traditional Thomas, Tommy is gradually making in onto more birth certificates in the UK. Along with Ada, Peaky Blinders has encouraged this growth in popularity.  Shooting up 8 places to number 29, the name is also popular in the US – it’s never exited the popularity charts there.

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