Preparing for your Cake Smash

Baby boys waves arms to celebrate his first birthday cake smash in East Grinstead

Your little one’s first birthday is fast approaching and you’re all set to capture this momentous milestone with a cake smash. Let’s make you some wonderful memories for you to cherish. If you’re wondering how to get the best out of the cake smash here are some handy tips to get you and your little one ready by preparing for your cake smash.

Baby boys showing his messy hands at his cake smash in East Grinstead

1. Let your little one taste some icing prior to the session

Icing is incredibly sweet and if it’s their first taste it can be a little over powering for them. A little pre-taste will let them get uses to the sweetness so it doesn’t come as a shock on the day.

2. Messy Play

Icing is a strange texture. Slimy and sticky. Some babies are not keen on having it on their hands and feet. Practicing messy play can help with this. Let them play in in lots of different textures. Shaving foam, cooked (and cooled) plain pasta, hair gel, paint, sand are all good textures to explore. And if the thought of the mess everywhere at home makes your skin crawl, there are some great play groups around that offer this so that you don’t have to deal with the clean up after.

3. Use butter icing

My clients have a choice of using my professional baker for their bespoke cake, or arranging the cake themselves. If you’d like to arrange your own cake, butter icing is always best is it’s easily smashable. Your little one would really struggle to get into the middle of a cake with royal icing or fondant icing. I’ve also known people put their cake in the fridge, which is fine over night, but make sure you get it out in plenty of time to allow the icing to soften before the session.

4. Plain Sponge

I always recommend plain or vanilla sponge. I’m a huge fan of a chocolate cake (my favourite actually), but brown cake or icing around the mouth looks wrong – trust me!

5. Bring their favourite snack

If your little one isn’t keen on eating cake on the day, I hide some of their favourite snack in the back. The will encourage them to smash into the cake more, and will look like they are eating it, even if they aren’t.

6. Bring their drink cup

Eating cake is thirsty work!

7. Wooden Spoon

If your little one isn’t keen on the texture on their hands, a wooden spoon is a great tool for smashing cake without getting messy! I always have one to hand in the studio. Even if they love diving in with both hands, the spoon will add some more variety to your gallery.

Baby girl standing over her cake at Cake Smash East Grinstead

8. Toys

If they still need a little encouragement, a toy to drive in the cake is always great fun.

9. Change of clothes

Bring a change of clothes……….for you. Your little one will no doubt be on the move by their first birthday so there is usually plenty of picking them up to re-sit them. Plus they will want to “share” and I’ll encourage you to show them that it’s ok to eat the cake so at times you may need to join in. Mum and I are sometimes more covered in cake at the end than the baby lol.

Baby boy crawls away from his cake at his Cake Smash in West Sussex
East Grinstead Cake Smash Photographer

10. Towel

All cake smashes in the studio include a complimentary splash session afterwards which is great for cleaning them up. Make sure yo pack a towel for afterwards.

Preparing for your cake smash in East Grinstead. Baby boy finishes his with back to camera and hand in cake
baby's hand print in the cake at her Cake Smash in Crawley
baby girl laughs at the cake at her east Grinstead cake smash

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