Photo shoot for Newborns and their Pets East Grinstead

Pouts and Paws - Photography for Newborns and their Pets

When your baby is born you take tons of images of them. You want to remember these first days after all. To freeze the moment of the time that your family grew and your little one entered your lives. And don’t forget to include the family too. Document you all at that special time. It’s not just about what your baby looked like when they were tiny. When they grow up they’ll relish seeing what their mum and dad look liked when they were born. They’ll want to know their journey, their story.

But what if your family doesn’t just include humans. Amongst all those fingers and toes,  are often a few paws here and there. And I like to include the whole family. So here at Cosy Toes Photography I offer photography for newborns and their pets in West Sussex, as part of your newborn photography session.

Safety First

Now a newborn session has to be carried out safely, and when we’re including pets that’s no different. Safety. This is my number one priority – Always. You can never know what an animal is going to do, so, though it may seem like the two are photographed together, they actually aren’t. I’m going to show you a quick insight as to how the magic is achieved.

The beauty of hiring a professional to photograph your babies, is that they will have the skill set to composite images. This is where two images are merged together, and it’s the best way to ensure your baby remains safe.

First your pet is photographed next to a bucket or what ever object your baby will be posed in. Then your pet is completely removed from the room while the baby is posed in that same prop and photographed.

Photo shoot for Newborns and their Pets Horley

This pooch jumped all over the empty basket in his excitement – the exact reason why the composite is needed. Can you imagine if that beautiful little baby was on the basket at the time – it doesn’t bare thinking.

But because I had planned a composite, both babies were safe with mum and dad sat by them at all times. Then two images are merged together in my editing room to form one beautiful portrait.

Photo shoot for Newborns and their Pets Crawley
Photography for Newborns and their Pets East Grinstead

Here the older sibling sat with his dog next to an empty bowl. Then, both brother and dog were taken away, and his baby brother was posed in the barrel alone.

Photo shoot for Newborns and their Pets West Sussex

Placing a piece of cheese or something for the dog to get the dogs attention helps to get the dog to look in the right direction.

If you’d like to have your newborn photographed with you family pet, you just need to let me know once you’re booked in. Of course dogs aren’t the only pets, almost any animal can be incorporated. Bookings are taken any time after your first scan. Contact me today to book yours.

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