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Newborn Photography

So you've decided to enlist a professional photographer to take your newborn's photos. You'd like someone who can not only take a great photo, but someone who has experience with newborns, who knows how to pose them safely into beautiful positions, but most importantly you want someone who you can trust and who will treat your little one with as much care as they they would their own. I'm so glad you've found me. Welcome!

You've spent months nurturing and keeping your baby safe. In their first few days I guarantee you'll sit for hours just watching them sleep, wondering what each little expression and noise they make means. I will capture those cute little newborn frowns, gorgeous windy smiles and tiny little toes for you, so that in years to come you can still look back at these beautiful images and wonder again how tiny and special they once were.

"Lisa makes you feel you feel calm and relaxed"

"She was so patient and in tune with my baby's needs throughout"

I am trained in the art of newborn posing, as well as all the safety aspects that go with that - of which there are many. Often referred to by my clients and friends as "the baby whisperer", I have the experience and confidence that enables me to read and settle your baby. This is how I achieve those gorgeous curled up positions with your baby comfortable, content and peaceful, while my images focus on and flatter those adorable new baby features.

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"I'm so glad you came to us,

we would never have gotten to you in time"

I remember how getting out the door in those first few weeks took so long and such effort and planning - so many things to take and remember. My clients love that I come to them to carry out their session, all within the comfort of their own home. All they need do is relax and watch on

The newborn stage lasts for such a short amount of time. Those delicate details change so quickly and in a blink of an eye your once curled up tiny bundle has stretched out, filled out and is looking totally different. My desire is to provide you with stunning images showcasing those tiny details that you will cherish and keep forever.

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